Bluebird liquor how many winners

bluebird liquor how many winners

I just got a feeling about this one. Powerball in California: And sales are continuing to climb, Lopez said.

bluebird liquor how many winners

But that was nothing. Continue Reading.

Long Powerball Lines Seen At Bluebird Liquors In Hawthorne -- Naturally

Don't have an account yet? All rights reserved. This, despite the fact that line-folk have a better shot of getting their leg chomped off by a shark than drawing the lucky numbers. And as of yesterday, a shout-out in USA Today:. Follow http: Terms of Service.

Bluebird Liquor Store

A Costa Mesa woman dreams of a 100-acre horse ranch in Montana. It's hosting the week-long block party of the century: It looks like any neighborhood liquor store, but Lotto devotees will drive here from as far away as Whittier and Pasadena, insisting something about the place reeks of good luck.

bluebird liquor how many winners

And as long as they're being unreasonable, these thousands of lottery hopefuls are all figuring they should probably go to the same liquor store to buy their tickets... Californians no longer had to worry about crossing state lines for their 1-in-175-million shot at a Powerball win.

When America got Powerball fever last November, Californians felt left out. Hawthorne resident Vianca Zaragoza bought tickets Wednesday with family members and was back purchasing 65 for a 10-person office pool at a local clothing company.

She had already been waiting two hours.

bluebird liquor how many winners

Lotto Winners Share Dream--and the Wealth. Some, such as Zulodius Morgan, waited in line for three hours to purchase tickets at the store, which has a reputation for being lucky for lottery players.

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The 31 regulars at a Red Bluff bowling alley who shared a winning ticket in the nation's richest lottery prize went to bed dreaming about their millions after a raucous party at the Lariat Bowl.

No problem. Privacy Policy. We're not sure exactly how many -- the phone line at Bluebird has been busy all morning -- but urban legend makes the store's winning-ticket ratio out to be, like, 1 in 10. If first-day sales are any indication, California's bet on Powerball is paying off. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

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bluebird liquor how many winners

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