Deadliest animals in the world who report

Since 1907, those massive jaws have clamped down on and killed more than 220 people.

Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

More From Best Life. These snakes deliver hemotoxin that disables blood clotting in their prey, opening its mouth to nearly 180 degrees to chomp its prey with its rear fangs. You might also like. They'll just tear off your skin and face and start eating while you're still breathing and feeling every moment of it. In the late 19th century, this one Bengal tiger dragged off and ate 436 people before finally being taken down by British hunter Jim Corbett.

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Assassin Bug. Justin Schmidt, it feels like getting shot. After the malaria-carrying mosquito, we may be the most deadly animals in the world. Up until recently, hippos were the deadliest large animals on earth.

Like this gallery? This tiny killer's bite is so painless that most people don't even realize they've been attacked — until their bodies go numb, their eyes stop working, and the muscles needed to breathe completely shut down.

30 Most Deadly Animals on Earth

Visceral leishmaniasis, on the other hand, is fatal in 95 percent of untreated cases. Infected people experience daytime sleeping episodes as well as insomnia at night.

deadliest animals in the world who report

Its highly toxic venom is matched by its incredibly fast lunge, which allows its poisoned stinger to whip over its head at 130 centimeters per second, striking its prey before it even knows what hit it.

Hippos are notoriously aggressive and can easily capsize a small boat and kill its occupants if the hippo feels threatened.

These ugly but hard-to-spot fish camouflage themselves as rocks on the ocean floor, snapping up their prey in their fast-moving jaws. Frequently, these deaths occur when people allergic to the stings experience anaphylactic shock. These guys can get big—17 feet long and up 1,000 pounds. If you think sharks are murderous, you haven't met a "deathstalker.

25 Dangerous Animals That Would Mess Up Any Human

An inhabitant of the northern part of South America and measuring a mere two inches when fully grown, just one of these frogs packs enough poison called batrachotoxin to kill 10 grown men. The common lancehead snake, also known as the barba amarilla pit viper, has some of the deadliest venom of any snake in the world. It can grow up to 14 feet long and moves up to 12. The Saw-Scaled Viper might not be as poisonous as the Inland Taipan, but it's killed more people than any other type of snake on earth.

The 20 deadliest animals on Earth, ranked (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

We lock up animals and force them to live whole, confined lives that build toward nothing more than being slaughtered and fed on our plates. They don't bother killing their food. They hide out in brackish and fresh waters of eastern India, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia, emerging from the water to clamp down on water buffalo, monkeys, wild boars—and the occasional person.

deadliest animals in the world who report

Wikimedia Commons. Some call it the "Cigarette Snail" because if it bites you, you'll only have enough time to smoke a cigarette before you die.

deadliest animals in the world who report