Gaara vs deidara who would win books

Kimimaro is again, forced to transform, this time into his final curse mark transformation state. It's not like the sand shield which Rock Lee can get through.....

Practically speaking in neutral environment when their were no hostage Deidara would have lost. Tell that tp Shikamaru, who got his ass kicked by that sound four chick even though he otusmarted her multiple times.

gaara vs deidara who would win books

Pieman0920 Pieman0920 9 years ago 16 Deidara had three disadvantages in his fight with Gaara, being low on clay, fighting to capture, and being on Gaara's home turf, where Gaara could control as much sand as he wanted.

Ultimate Ninja Storm Gaara vs. Originally posted by Wil7 Bada's Palin, the point that DJ is trying to say is that Gaara beat the living shit out of Deidara, even though he got clay in his sand, Gaara still won.

If he was prepared and brought more clay like he did against Sasuke, he probably wouldn't have needed to do that. We all know he can create sand "wherever" he is, but that doesn't matter he'll still be capable of manipulating as much as he did in the SAND village. This proves Gaara's sand is faster when used for defense than offense See that flash-cut just before Gaara stops Ay?

gaara vs deidara who would win books

Then again, he'd still lose anyway without his sand. Slaanesh he doesn't use a hand seal.. Sasori was faring, well, staring at the golem, thinking of a way to defeat without depleting his chakra.

gaara vs deidara who would win books

Though it really is much much faster than this if we take into account speed calcs Here's one from the chunin exams that already places his attack speed in the hypersonic range, the result in the blog is around mach 4 but it get reworked to mach 17 in the comments. Even granting all of DB's assumptions, this is still a game changer.

He would just create one and get him stuck under ground. Then, throwing one of the scrolls at Chiyo who swiftly caught it. This is supported by the fact that with a tiny amount of sand, he is able to physically restrain Sage Mode Madara, the same guy who was easily able to knock all the tailed beasts flat on their asses. AlmightyBlueEye AlmightyBlueEye 9 years ago 14 Deidara has advantage, but I'm still wondering they ignored the rule established earlier in the series that when ever Gaara is unconscious, shukaku takes over.

Gaara Vs Deidara

Burden of proof is once again on you. If they werent in his village, Gaara would have a much better chance than everybody seems to think, and it would boil down to how much clay Deidara used on Gaara before Shukaku was released, and if he has enough left over to continue the fight. Profile 32. Spar 7. Most of it what he did was Gaara's own power. Originally posted by Slaanesh so..

gaara vs deidara who would win books

For those claiming that the difficulty of bloodbending is because of the mixture of water with other impurities, that's never been stated to be the case, and frankly wouldn't make much sense. She has never turned sand into stone. Arrest 29. Gaara's still inferior to Toph.