How much should i feed my horse

He also suggested a tablespoon of vegetable oil, in his am and pm feed. Horse Health Care.

how much should i feed my horse

Seasonal Care. Hope this helps — if you have more questions, please let us know!

How much should I feed my horse?

This is a very rough average and horses will require more or less depending on their metabolism, workload, the time of year, and what else they may be eating. Horses thrive on routine, and their amazingly accurate internal clocks make them much better timekeepers than their human caretakers. Horses should consume about 2. For example a 15. Your email address will not be published.

How do I work out how much to feed my horse?

General Training. WHat do you suggest?

how much should i feed my horse

The vet saw him but says he should eat more, he is now eating about 20lb of hay a day and is always hungry! If the amount of work your horse is doing changes, be sure to adjust their food ration.

How To Calculate How Much Hay To Feed Your Horse

What can you suggest? A half-hour long walk a few days a week does not mean the horse is in moderate work.

how much should i feed my horse

Horse Deworming. Collegiate Riding.

How Much Should Your Horse Eat'

His Veternarian has checked his teeth, they were good, he was dewormed, and he gets free choice of good hay, his veterinarian has checked. Spin to Win Rodeo. Get Our Newsletter.

how much should i feed my horse

These horses will need their hay diet restricted to prevent obesity. That is 1. Every horse has different needs.