How to get texture off ceilings

how to get texture off ceilings

They used joint compound or some type of putty to do the textured ceiling. I have the same thing.

How to Remove a Painted Stomp Textured Ceiling

I went back with the spray bottle and lightly sprayed again. Second, get a drywall sander that connects to a shop vac.

I got the scraper that the bag attaches too. Name required. I used Murco but home depot sells another brand. We are have difficulty applying finish Stomped drywall texture Is there something in the Popcorn finish residue that would cause the new material to peel off?

how to get texture off ceilings

Then you can skim coat with a magic trowel. I removed popcorn from 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities.

Today's Homeowner Full Episodes. You'll need to securely screw it into the framing and be proficient at mudding and taping for a seamless job. Items you will need Plastic sheeting Painter's tape Pole sander 120-grit sandpaper Dishwashing detergent Garden sprayer Stepladder 6-inch drywall knife Drywall joint compound.

how to get texture off ceilings

Niall C. Home Guides SF Gate.

how to get texture off ceilings

I just let it all fall after the first bag change. If you could manually scrape off the large peaks before this, though, it will work better. Popcorn was splattered everywhere, on moldings and windows. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

Thanks to everyone for the great tips!!!

How to Remove Textured “Popcorn” Ceilings

Why do it? Drywall finishers often do a rudimentary taping job if they expect the ceiling to be textured. Sand the ceiling lightly with a pole sander and 120-grit sandpaper.

Seems like I have seen that somewhere!? Know she want a flat finish ceiling. The tool catches about 98 percent of the popcorn ceiling coming off.

how to get texture off ceilings

Scraping your ceiling is a messy and slow process, but it's the most cost-effective and can be completed by one person. Related Videos. You will stir up the asbestos into the air.