How to make a-one point tactical sling

Even so, all three options can allow for bi-lateral shoulder change with a little practice and know-how. Continue your cobra weave all the way down the sling until you reach the point where you want to connect your D-ring to create a one point configuration. Also, getting in and out of vehicles or other tight, awkward spaces is easy with a single-point. I'm not going to explain the cobra weave in detail. When a rifle is dropped to the slung position with a two-point sling, the gun does not nose-dive downwards; it usually positions itself diagonally allowing you to shoot from your knees without the gun hitting the ground.

Put Your AR in the Right Sling

However, there are situations when I like to have the option of a traditional two point sling as well. Single point slings clicked on in a matter of seconds and could be taken off with ease and adjusted easily, too.

how to make a-one point tactical sling

My Account See Cart. You can counteract this movement with a hand, but as the purpose of the sling is to keep the operators hands free, it kind of defeats the intent.

Two-point, three-point or single-point tactical slings? (VIDEO)

If speed and easy shoulder transitions is your game, the one-point will most likely be your best choice. Each sling design has its own advantages and disadvantages and may work better on one type of rifle or application than another. More by the author: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Yankee Hill Machine Company, www. Share it with us!

how to make a-one point tactical sling

Due to its maneuverability, the one-point sling is a good choice if you are operating from inside a vehicle. Oh i just read under 48 inches?

With all the mounting options, the two-point sling design is the most flexible in terms of attachment locations. The three-point design is most useful with long guns that do not have short distances between mounting points and do not have controls on the sling side of the weapon. Comment s. With the popularity of rail systems and the introduction of new mounting accessories for the AR, the same benefits of a shortened distance between body straps are offered by the two-point design without the drawbacks of the additional webbing of the three-point sling.

Convertibles A few manufacturers make slings that can convert from one configuration to another. Blue Force Gear, www. When I first joined the military, my M-16 came with a tight sling from the buttstock to the forend.

how to make a-one point tactical sling

I show that in step 5 in the second picture. In the end, while I have several single-point, 3-point and 2-point slings, I prefer the 2-point sling. The exact placement is a personal choice and is worth some experimentation to find the variation that offers you the most flexibility.