How to measure axe handle length

Cast Copper Hammers. Product ID: Time flies!

how to measure axe handle length

If your new axe or hatchet has arrived at great expense from some exclusive dealer and has grain going from side to side - I wouldn't worry too much.

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how to measure axe handle length

Even though I bought it at a logging equipment store, I got little direction. Select the handle length Installing Wood Handles: Brass Hammers- Steel Handle.

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There is probably a thread on this already, but my searching sucks... Muleman77 , Jan 21, 2018. Call 630-969-1100.

Make Your Own Axe Handle. Replacement Handles. NE Ohio.

Make Your Own Axe Handle

AK Adventurer , Jan 21, 2018. I like the description in Mors Kochanski's book, "Bushcraft". If you hold such an axe properly, it can never hit your feet or body if you miss what you are chopping. Firstly after using a Gransfors Scandinavian Forest Axe for some time I've come to believe that it's the best light woods axe I'm ever likely to handle, 25" handle or not.

how to measure axe handle length

Here's a close up of the label - with some interesting stuff. Framing Hammer- Fiberglass Handle. Click here for Dalluge handles. I notice that the high quality Granfors hunters or short forest axes are 19" and I think I'd find this a little short in use. Do you already have an account?

Axe handle length; measured to where?

Feb 13, 2014 Messages: Log in or Sign up. The handle is nearly finished now, but it should be dried for a few weeks. This axe has the worst grain in the handle that I've ever seen - horizontal.

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