How to measure v band size

Terms of Use. There is a recess on the flange mating surface though which is 2.

how to measure v band

To determine the height of your flange, you can use the previously measured outside flange diameter fd , and the flange base diameter bd. I could post a drawing for you when I get back in the office on Monday.

how to measure v band size

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how to measure v band size

It would be good to have both handy when turning the piece to make sure everthing is snug. View iTrader Profile. Bad 1: Thanked 95 Times in 82 Posts.

Tech Tip: Exhaust V-band Clamps

However, it can be measured with care using dial calipers as shown in illustration 5a. Where should I measure? Just to be clear you do not measure around the pipe right?

how to measure v band size

But most holset turbos do not come with standard size v bands. I wasn't quite sure if the flange was 3 inch.

how to measure v band size

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how do you measure a V band?

Advanced Search. I have a holset HY35 turbo. The DP will still spin on the turbo. Welcome to the SkylineOwners. I found in a Autozone exhaust parts catalog the paper things they hide behind the counter part numbers for mandrel bends.

How To Determine

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