How to play cross eyed mary

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how to play cross eyed mary

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how to play cross eyed mary

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Cross-Eyed Mary Lyrics

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how to play cross eyed mary

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how to play cross eyed mary

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MN0100288 Lyrics: Laughing in the playground, gets no kicks from little boys Would rather make it with a letching grey Or maybe her attention is drawn by Aqualung Who watches through the railings as they play Cross-eyed Mary goes jumping in again She signs no contract, but she always plays the game She dines in Hampstead village on expense accounted gruel And the jack-knife barber drops her off at school Cross-eyed Mary Oh, Mary Oh, cross-eyed Mary. March the Mad Scientist Remastered 33. Slipstream Remastered 25.

how to play cross eyed mary

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