How to shape artificial christmas tree branches

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Shaping Your Tree

The smaller branches also alternate left to right in the rows. Remember, there are no perfect rows of branches on a tree. Test Lights and Apply them Section-by-Section Unless you have a pre-lit Christmas tree , the next step is to add your Christmas lights.

Use your forefinger and palm to gently curve these branches. All this means is that nature has a reason for everything and it usually points to survival. Not Bright Enough? Also, most pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come with a standard amount of lights, which might not seem bright enough.

How to shape and light a Christmas Tree properly

Choose an alternating patterns and make sure the branch in front is alternated between the branches in the back. The traditional "V" shape and the "upswept" shape. As you can see in the branch diagram above, the smaller branches are curved.

how to shape artificial christmas tree branches

Faux Florals. Working from the back to the front, lay the row of light on the top of the branches , looping them around the front branches, underneath the main branch and back to the trunk. Half of the lights don't work, and the other half only flicker. Start by fluffing the bottom branches at the center of the tree and work that same branch towards the outside, all the way around.

how to shape artificial christmas tree branches

Nature makes sense, but she is imperfect. You can spend hours fiddling with the lights to try and get them to work, or you can just add a strand of new lights to the tree on top of the lights that don't work.

The tree always takes the longest to shape the first time you take it out of the box.

how to shape artificial christmas tree branches

Make sure your tree is evenly lighted by hanging lights section-by-section and making corrections as you go. They look great for one season, but after one wire goes bad, the whole tree is shot.

how to shape artificial christmas tree branches

This also has the side-effect of filling in the tree more. Tip 4: Are you still thinking like a tree? Step Four: Christmas Lights , Lighting Tips.

Email Address. Start from the back, bottom and near the trunk. Hope you have a nice stay!

how to shape artificial christmas tree branches

Touch Up If you have shaped each branch to reach toward the sun, with the back branches standing up and the end branches reaching out and alternated each row with the one in back of it, your tree — no matter how cheap — should look full. Feel free to let me know if this has helped at all by leaving a comment!