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Other anonymous payment methods In addition to pre-paid credit cards and good old cash, there are plenty of alternative crypto-currencies out there. Mobile browser security The above extension list concentrates on desktop browsers, but as we access the internet more and more from our smart phones and tablets, it becomes just as important to protect our browsers on these platforms as well.

While the focus of this document is on internet security, an important aspect of securing your digital life is to ensure that locally stored files cannot be accessed by unwanted parties.

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It consists of two parts, the first of which acts as a Tor gateway known as Whonix Gateway , while the second known as a Whonix Workstation is on a completely isolated network which routes all its connections through the Tor gateway. What this means is that by now you should change your all your passwords although if you change your password before a site has completely fixed all Heartbleed issues then it is still potentially vulnerable to hackers.

This has the advantage that you can carry on using your favorite Cloud storage service, no matter how inherently insecure it is, as you hold all the encryption keys to your files. We go into a great deal more depth on how Tor works, and the differences between the two in this article , but to summarize… VPN A Virtual Private Network helps to ensure privacy by creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a remote VPN server.

The best defense against browser fingerprinting is to use as common and plain vanilla an OS and browser as possible, but this leaves you open to other forms of attack, and reduces day to day functionality of your computer to such an extent that most of us will find the idea impractical. With regard to a brute force attack, please consider the following:. For many this will be perfectly sufficient, but those wanting a more robust solution might want to consider commercial anti-virus suites which include a firewall as part of the package, or Comodo Firewall Free and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013 , which are good free options OSX — versions 10.

Some good anti-virus software: Ubuntu is very popular due to the fact that it is one of the easiest Linux distros to use, and thanks to this popularity there is a great deal of assistance available for it from an enthusiastic Ubuntu community.

While it seems that smaller email providers have not yet been affected, it is likely that as the NSA and other national government surveillance organizations extend their reach, this will change. Firefox password manager — the password manager built into Firefox is one of the easiest ways to store your passwords for each website you visit, and it works very well.

However, as there are some great dedicated encrypted IM applications out there, we decided they deserved a section of their own. Unfortunately this may be a somewhat forlorn hope, as at the time of writing almost half of the servers believed to be vulnerable in the days immediately following the Heartbleed disclosure remain susceptible.

TrueCrypt can be used to create encrypted volumes on your computer, to encrypt entire disks, to create hidden volumes, and even to create an entire hidden operating system using 256-bit AES, or any of a number of user specified encryption schemes. This means that although each node knows who is connecting to it, and who it connects to, no node knows the whole route circuit.

But this encryption serves other purposes. Don't want to say trend reversal though, but certainly interesting price development with very slight possibility of continuation of wave 5. However as events last year demonstrated, Macs are not immune to viruses , and anyone serious about their security should always use good anti-virus software.

We have a full guide to using it available here. Be careful however to only allow Flash on trusted websites. Conspiracy theories abound, and while some developers seek to fork the software, Phase II of the audit goes ahead.