Howard university pharmacy program

Professional Conduct Skills: As appropriate for each stage of their education, students must have the ability to communicate fluently in oral and written English, be cognizant of nonverbal communications, and to have the ability to work in student groups and health care teams.

Admission Requirements

Degree program; and, a Non-Traditional program to licensed pharmacists who wish to further their professional knowledge and skills. The B. Ask Your Pharmacist.

howard university pharmacy program

Donate Now. Skip to content. If you are offered admission to Howard University's College of Pharmacy as an Early Decision applicant, you are obligated to accept the offer and you will not be permitted to apply to other PharmCAS institutions. Semester two terms per academic year.

Welcome Prospective Students

Skip to content. The College of Pharmacy has a cadre of dedicated faculty who are highly experienced in teaching, professional practice and research. Below are the 14 feeder institutions:.

howard university pharmacy program

The College of Pharmacy's Admission's Committee will contact all Early Action applicants by February 29 regarding their interview status. Consistent with the mission of Howard University, the College of Pharmacy mission is to provide pharmacy education of excellent quality to students with high academic, scholarship and leadership potential, with particular emphasis upon the recruitment retention and graduation of promising African America and other ethnically diverse minority students.

The student then returns to the College of Pharmacy to complete their first Summer Semester and all other proceeding semesters required to obtain the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

The applicant must be in good academic standing at each college or university attended and must have a minimum grade point average GPA of 2. Ratio of applications received to the number of first-year students enrolled in fall 2018 class:.

howard university pharmacy program

About Publications Research Day. August 13-16, 2019. Program allows a student to complete the requirements for both the B. Howard represents the U.

Non-Traditional PharmD

The Pharm. Estimated average GPA of accepted students in 2018 entering class:. Other If Other, please list: Students must have the ability to independently observe and evaluate materials and processes demonstrated through a variety of activities such as demonstrations, experiments, physical assessments, and professional and clinical practice, in classrooms, laboratories, and patient care areas.