Hows ur day so far

hows ur day so far

One hour left at work and then off to see my fiance who lives about 2. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Nawa 0h......

Answers Relevance. If it Is earlier in the day, how is ur day going is right one. Chongqing Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect.

the sentence "how's your days been"

How's it been-- your day, so far? Since you're using "so far" in the sentence, the present perfect would be a better choice as it covers the past while including the present, How has your day been so far?

hows ur day so far

Share This Page Tweet. Right now, how was ur day is the Right question. I ate lunch with my mother and my cousin.

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Hello! How is your day so far?

Which Statement Is Correct by adainternet14: I think it sounds weird to my non-native ears, let's wait for some native speakers. Forgot your password? I'd be more likely to ask "How has your day been so far?

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How's been your day so far?

How's been your day so far? Florentia52, moderator.

hows ur day so far

Not too bad here.... Possible some literary context might allow it, but normally a native speaker hearing it would assume a non-native speaker was copying non-English word order, or has limited knowledge of English.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I could remember saying this to my friend with the same moniker Ada I told her How is ur day during evening!