Iamamiwhoami sever chords on a guitar

iamamiwhoami sever chords on a guitar

Netherlands based Electronic musician Flamingo Pudding balances on the wire effortlessly, more often than not teetering on the brilliance side of the scope. It lyrically and vocally packs paradoxical emotion and pure, genuine feeling of a well educated, heartbroken 26 year old, with the wisdom and well versed influences.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Well done. The project has since 2009 released audiovisual series on their Youtube channel followed by a large international audience.

iamamiwhoami sever chords on a guitar

Explicit language contrasts the fluffy, light melody and descriptions, and demonstrates the overview of talent and strength this rookie, breakout start is capable of. Track Review: Two lines for each verse and four for the chorus.


Track by track: Our chains are hitting our chest jamming out to this oneā€¦. Well, not a real one obviously. A word used to describe frequencies underneath the human hearing range. You can read it by clicking here.


FM and Soundcloud pages, along with the recently released Flamingo Pudding And The Gravis Reazm tip toe around a discombobulated stereo image, envelope effects, and parallel compression effects that surprisingly create a middle ground for cracked chaos to roam freely amongst cohesive song structures. It illustrates fog, clouds, a visible gas and reaches a quick and effective climax.

iamamiwhoami sever chords on a guitar

As far as this single is concerned though? A sixteenth note, looped melody with a brilliantly lush and prominent reverb effect plays through each bar and progresses the overall house sound, before again, dropping out to reveal yet another minimal soundscape.

iamamiwhoami sever chords on a guitar

An ambient house beat, equipped with two different shakers panned to their respective sides of the stereo mix quickly throw themselves at the track, creating the dense mood. Biophilia Amazon was released October 10th, 2011.

Things seem to be aligning for all three woman, actually. Discussions of gnomes, Iceland, and incorporating science into music are discussed. The light percussive field recorded loops have a panned delay on the right channel, which causes the stereo image to subtly broaden. Noise floor and what sounds like vinyl scratching, rain, or field recordings also take over a small bit of the top end.

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