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Posted January 24, 2007.

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Hi y'all I have updated the Use Notes page at http: The command I'm executing: Can anyone explain, in simple words suitable for a computer dummy like me, starting from zero, how to get the airspace into mine?

Not a problem though, just tick the appropriate airspace files you wish to upload with the appropriate transparency and leave the rest unticked.

I was supprised by the price... Please re-read... Does anyone know of a program which allows you to easily manipulate POI data files? So I'll use "C: I also found this tutorial for those who are looking to try maps that are not on their GPS.

IMG2GPS 2.81 for Windows 7 Free Download

Adding custom maps to the above list are done with Create button or Install Create button opens this screen Install appears to add maps using a pre-defined install file. UK Airspace updates for Garmins... Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. Copy the Airspace. The GPS acted as usual and my maps appeared on the screen as usual. Cheers Hugh.

Smellybiker's Wanderlust Worldmap

Run this program by double-clicking file img2gps. Where can i find img2gps? Can anyone do an idiots guide to installing the air maps by Rory onto Mapsource? Click the button to 'Load Folder'.

Garmin GPS Upgrade

Board index All times are UTC. And it let me get very close to Lyneham airspace on Saturday see attachment - NB. The default one is a roadmap that came installed on the unit, how do i view the airspace map? Thanks for your assistance, it's much appreciated.