Kilo meaning in hawaiian what is ai

Scb says: October 13, 2017. Lovely, pleasurable, sweet smelling savor, exciting temptress, Hawaiian Beauty. Alexis says: Go slow, at first.

Vowels together without a glottal stop kind of blend together. Might I suggest a 6th rule about dipthongs? July 26, 2013. Hope that helps!

How to Pronounce Hawaiian Words in 15 Minutes

Rob says: The ei in lei, the au in Hanauma? Me says: Todd says: It might also be helpful to point out that every syllable consists of one vowel, one diphthong, or one consonant followed by one vowel or one dipththong. Anonymous says: Jay Goodman says: August 18, 2018. Sam says: Alyssa Vela says: I would like to sing these words in a song I wrote: Jerry says: July 15, 2016.

What Does ʻAi Love Nalo Mean Anyway?

It is ai as in kai not ay. February 23, 2018. Tami Fujii says: Kim M says: