Paypal credit who accepts

paypal credit who accepts

When I called PayPal credit customer services alll the representative say the same thing. I have my default payment method set to Paypal Credit.

PayPal Credit

But then I looked and only part of my order had gone through? He told that to me over 20 times!

paypal credit who accepts

I initially got paypal credit when I financed a nordictrack workout machine online. Shop Now. So far i can use online this time.

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Paypal credit, it might work and it might not. Variable Purchases APR is 25.

paypal credit who accepts

They can't change the funding source apparently. The guy I talked to at "Paypal Smart NOT Connect" said there was no such thing as an 'interest free' offer and that he had no idea what I was talking about.

paypal credit who accepts

Enter your Email. I guess paypal makes enough money so they aren't concerned about the ones that they can't make money off of.

paypal credit who accepts

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. And now I have spent another 12 hours on eBay hoping to find a seller that would accept credit on a 3d scanner.

Can You Pay a Credit Card Using PayPal?

In this case, it's a fee, plus a relatively high 19. I asked him what 'fine print' did I NEED to read for replying to an email offer from PayPal offering interest free on a purchase made and paid for in 6 months. I absolutely agree with all the statement about the hassle and repetition of getting denied!!

So then the statements started coming monthly and my wife pointed out to me that there were interest charges being applied to our balance. It only works for EBay! No list, why?