Puppy too excited when meeting other dogs

puppy too excited when meeting other dogs

You do not have to let him meet another dog if that dog is on a leash with it's owner if you do not trust the other dogs. Its becoming a big issue as i cant take her of the leash in case she see's someone walking past. The neighborhood i live in lots of people walk their dogs without a leash and lots of those dog come over to us and bark or try to engage him in play and few even become aggressive.

You will get there its just sometimes you are just to close to the problem.

How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm Around Other Dogs

He will need to practice heeling in the presence of other dogs, starting from a distance like you mentioned. Do not simply avoid other dogs completely though. You can also use a straw dipped in soft cheese, peanut butter, or something else dog safe and sticky. Also reward him for being calm when he is around other dogs by practicing that on a long leash too.

Similar to the above, there is one dog in particular in the studio that he seems to play bark at often. Ask the trainer about socialization and make sure that the trainer is knowledgeable about proper socialization, canine body language, and how to address fear in dogs. He is in.

puppy too excited when meeting other dogs

Overall learning to focus on you will come with obedience practice around distractions. If you feel like he is dangerous at all, or if you are struggling to train him yourself, please contact a professional trainer in your area. In a household with multiple dogs, it is especially important for you to be the one who decides what the rules are and be the one to enforce them, and not your dogs. Also avoid up close interactions with dogs that are being rude and reactive towards your dog.

Overexcited Labrador when he sees other dogs

Once she understands what the command means and can do it reliably in the environment where you first taught it to her, then use your home as the more distracting environment to practice it in in order to increase her skill level with that command.

Reward her with treats and games for focusing on you and being in the presence of other dogs and for showing any signs of relaxation around the other dogs.

puppy too excited when meeting other dogs

He is in fact unable to do anything except focus on the source of his anxiety. The best way to react to an excited dog is to ignore her. If you choose to use that protocol, make sure that you start by teaching her to sit when someone greets her and you reward her for doing the proper behavior, rather than only correcting the jumping.

They barked only twice and never whined.

6 steps to managing a dog's over-excitement

Sit with Jimmy and enforce his Down-Stay while your assistant drives around the block. Hello Stacey, Because Duke is so strong I would recommend that he wear a no pull training device until he learns not to pull around other dogs.

If your dog is naturally high-energy and excitable, it can take a while to see results with these techniques.

puppy too excited when meeting other dogs

If he is reactive because he never learned proper manners around other dogs while young, then it will be important to bring him around other dogs and make the presence of other dogs boring.

If she does not do well with dogs up close either, then she is likely aggressive due to either dominance, fear, or a lack of socialization, which is similar to fear.

Help for Your Bouncy Dog!

Project calm and assertive energy Provide exercise, discipline, affection Provide rules, boundaries, limitations Master the Walk Read your dog's body language. Because he is still getting used to other dogs avoiding dog fights is extremely important, so follow the three second rule unless the dog is a dog that you know is completely safe, that you have set up a play date with.

puppy too excited when meeting other dogs

Any help would be great.