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Two of the best ways to catch pre-spawn fish at Sam Rayburn are to swim a lipless crankbait over hydrilla on big flats and to work ditches that lead to spawning areas with a soft-plastic stick bait.

TS-Fishing Texas Legendary Sam Rayburn Reservoir

I remember fishing the Lone Star Shootout that year in March. Heavy rains fell across southeast Texas on Thursday Oct. For football head duties, he uses the same basic outfit he would for Carolina rigging, but he may go as light as 16-pound fluorocarbon for a faster fall in deeper water. Rogers will spend the majority of his time searching for clear water and fishing around pre-spawn "staging" areas situated in relation to main-lake points, pockets, flats and creek channels.

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A Texas Trio for Winter Bass Fishing

What we know and what's up in the air Louisville Cardinals. For that matter, you don't even necessarily have to be casting for bass to catch one! We know they were close. Another competitor was coming around the corner so we asked if it was cool if we keep fishing since we were both going in opposite directions. This, he accomplishes with a trio of deep winter baits:.

I’m excited about Sam Rayburn

Join B. Pretty easy decision, right? Dewald did not catch this fish until 1: Hence, water temperatures on "hot water" lakes may be 20 to 25 degrees warmer right now than on neighboring "cold water" lakes.

Water Conditions: The cloud cover gradually dissipated on Friday and Saturday, but the humidity remained high and dense fog delayed Saturday's launch for three hours. Armed with a 7-foot, 6-inch medium-heavy rod and a 6. This is generally where the clearest water will be found during January. I'll alternate between the three baits depending on the depth of.

Having fished several Big Bass Splash tournaments in the past, he was notably excited when he brought this fish in. By Saturday afternoon, he had assembled a three day creel of 15 bass weighing 46 pounds, 1 ounce.