Spike moss terrarium how to

Uses Perfect for all kinds of containers.

spike moss terrarium how to

Water the peacock spike moss often enough to keep the soil moist but never wet. This is my 4th attempt of keeping spike moss alive it always seems to melt.

Using a soaker hose is a good solution to keep the ground consistently moist.

spike moss terrarium how to

Last edited by MeiKVR6; 05-19-2011 at 05: For beginners, it's best to use a vessel with an opening wide enough to accommodate the width your hand so that you can easily place and move materials as needed.

The function of these structures appears to be to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis under low light levels, meaning that plants grown under deeper shade will produce the best colouration. If it is indoors, place a humidifier in the room with it. A good rule of thumb is to let a plant's nursery tag be your guide.

The magical world of spike moss

Other 2 tanks I can play with humidity and moist or dry dirt. All times are GMT. Keep soil evenly moist. OK I am loving all this info however now my question is...

spike moss terrarium how to

Ive yet to figure out how people keep Selaginella as a houseplant... South Jersey Posts: You don't need a UVB light for cresteds, and the plants would likely do better with normal 6500K lighting.

spike moss terrarium how to

I would think it couldn't be humid if is well drained. If they havent Id definitely say that is your number one problem.

Build a Terrarium in 6 Steps

It will tell you, for example, that boxwood basil prefers some sunshine while a miniature fern would be happier in a shadier locale. The greenery you'll be planting will determine the type of soil you use.

spike moss terrarium how to

Support Our Sponsors. Site Navigation. Contrary to pop belief, they do not need Java moss humidity, i. Peacock spike moss grows best in shady, cool conditions.