What are shadows for

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Shadow Activity Ideas

Can you make some 3D shapes? The information flow from your finger out to the shadow occurs at the speed of light. Thanks alot.

what are shadows for

Use the links and information below to do some of your own research or to help with our enquiry. Use building blocks to make shapes you can draw around. Our Tweets Tweets by unsworthprimary.

what are shadows for

Thanks to your website I can find my answer which I was searching for. The Artful Parent has some brilliant shadow sculpture s, it could be quite fun to use the same idea but make chemical structures and draw the shadows too. Since light cannot pass through it creates a dark area around the object. Year 3 Blog Year 4 How would you describe the people and landscape across Europe?

what are shadows for

Say you stood in the shadow and did something physical to alter the shadow near you, maybe shining a flashlight on it. Opaque objects create clear dark shadows.

what are shadows for

Comments I love these ideas! Is the shadow different at different times of day?

How are shadows formed?

Although the shadow pattern is moving across a screen faster than the speed of light, it's not transmitting information. The person behind you will see no light since your body did not allow it to pass.

How Much Does a Shadow Weigh?

Flickr User dvs, via CC. Opaque materials do not let any light pass through them. So a shadow is not matter, since it has no mass and takes up no space.

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