What are the best football movies

10 Best Football Movies Ever

The Marx Brothers hit the field for one of their classic comedies. Courtesy Warner Bros.

what are the best football movies

The Blind Side 2009. The screenplay, written by Gregory Allen Howard, is based on the true story of...

what are the best football movies

Informizely customer feedback surveys. Today's Top Stories. Amazon iTunes James Caan leads this ensemble-driven film as a university football coach who must assemble a team that'll take home a national title—otherwise it'll be his final season on the job—in this look at the aggressive and cutthroat world of college sports.

It was... ET Oct. This Freshman stars silent-comedy icon Harold Lloyd as a college kid who tries out for the football team. Evolution of a Game by Michael...

The 25 Best Football Movies Ever Made

Everett Everett Collection. Amazon iTunes Cameron Crowe's romantic comedy is, let's say, football-adjacent, with Tom Cruise delivering one of his finest and most charming performances as a maverick sports agent who can barely balance his career and love life.

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what are the best football movies

The source material was written by Peter Gent, a former wide receiver for the Cowboys and he's played here by Nick Nolte. Remembering Flash Gordon's Football Career. All the Right Moves 1983.

Brian and the Boz. Rudy gets his dream and plays in the final play of the season in which he sacks the opposing team's quarterback.

what are the best football movies

Part civil-rights drama and part inspirational sports flick, "Titans" cast Denzel Washington as a coach who has to get white and black kids all on the same page when he takes over the team at desegregated T.

The Replacements 2000.

what are the best football movies

Oh, no, Texas State University's football program got shut down! The 25 best football movies ever, from 'Jerry Maguire' to 'Varsity Blues'. Hanna High... Now at quarterback and No.

Courtesy TriStar Pictures. Watch Now. The film follows the true story behind a didactic African-American coach and his struggle to build a stronger community via the town's lifeblood: Powerful drama is so much more than a football movie.