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Her wedding planner is difficult to reach, her dress has a spot on it, the flowers the florist is suggesting are all wrong, and everyone seems to be running late to the wedding rehearsal. After their rehearsal debacle, Jeanine and Thomas are moving forward with their wedding day plans and as per usual, Jeanine is running late.

When the wedding day arrives, not only is it pouring rain, but after Erica is caught telling a bold faced lie, she spends most of the day screaming at her mother and sisters.

Remember Karen from Bridezilla?

Plus, Gloria has a major panic attack before the ceremony, and its unclear whether there will be a wedding at all. This dysfunctional mother-daughter duo just cannot seem to keep the peace, and it is turning Sara's wedding week into a battle royal! After a week of lies, fits and fights, its only fitting when everything falls to pieces.

Bridezilla Nicole DeLeo has a meltdown when she discovers a stain on her dress, but she should really be more concerned with whether it will fit. Log in Join now.

Forgot your password? When the big day arrives and so does a major storm, the bride still refuses to take the ceremony indoors... Also, Regina is taking a do-it-yourself approach to her wedding, but the costs and her anger are mounting. Natalie and Cristal Sunday, October 28th, 2012 21: Tifani and Johanne Sunday, October 30th, 2011 21: Nov 11, 2009 07: Sep 13, 2012 1. Wedding Decor. Wednesday, July 13th, 2005 7: Alicia finally ties the knot - despite a cancelled caterer, a car breakdown, and a wedding party that has reached its limit.

Maybe she used a different last name on the show because she knew folks would track her trashy ass down and curse her out. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Erica battles her five sisters for the spotlight, pitching a fit before her bachelorette party because she thinks they look better than she does.

However, it is sooooo entertaining! Here's an updated photo of her and her husband from his FB page.

Bridezillas premiere and "where are they now" special

Bridezillas I Need Money!!! I didn't look like a wedding for 150k at all! Sep 13, 2012 6.