What if rainbow dash died in september

Hahahaha, completely loser-ish! When Dash hears that the Games won't take place in Cloudsdale, she cries out in disappointment and is bullied by Fujin, Diamond Tiara and Blaze until the rest of the week. Don't worry we killed him already, and made him a main dish in our big-s feast.

Nickname s. Start a Wiki. Killed By. Rumours also have it ever since her death, she's already been raped by Shinnok in hell for sending Dog's Cousin to beat up Pinkie Pie and she's paying the price for nothing's fair, hey porn was her life! Back in 2008, she was Shao Kahn 's sex toy and slave and was sexually assaulted by Kahn's Army all the times and several times by Shao.

Appears in.

what if rainbow dash died in september

Despite that, she is still arrogant and quietly insults Dixmor's Project members, though she is usually heard and is for her punishment, beaten up brutally by Project's puppet, Dexter Jackson. Sign In Don't have an account? Lord Antichrist is inside, open your eyes... He later takes Dash's rotting body back to Outworld where they "celebrate" her death and throw her body in the Never Never Land.

Dash also manages the weather in Ponyville for 2 days, until Fujin finds out and nearly kills her, he beated her up to the inch of her stupid fahing life. She also tries her best to reach her goals without giving up, but like all the other times, fails at it.

what if rainbow dash died in september

Once she arrives, she discovers no sign of work, but knowing Pie, doesn't feel surprised and readily eats a cupcake offered by her, thinking of it as of a taste test.

She is slow, ugly, and concerned with looking "cool". Dash was also one of the immigrant ponies to be send to Earth in 2009.

He uses the skies free of clouds for the Outworld Celebration , and apparently, unless the weekly sunny days is scheduled for that day of course, makes sure that Ponyville has bad weather, although in the Outworld's Tour , Spike states that he rarely gets up early in the morning to get a start on it. If Rainbow Dash was still in Outworld today, Reiko said she would be perfect to fly a plane into a building in USA and died, as no one ever loved her, everyone was fawking happy and laughed at her funeral and no one cried for her, unless it was because of laughter or pure joy, of course.

what if rainbow dash died in september

Porn was her dream, made her real, Bieber was her eyes when she must steal. This article, Rainbow Dash , is property of Billy cougar.

Rainbow Dash

It appears that it had been injected with a soporific, which knocks Dash out unconscious. Retrieved from " https: Shinnok killed her in this harsh and scary picture.

Lol, she actually wins, cuz' she's a loser. This disappointment is somewhat assuaged later when young Rainbow was selected to carry Cloudsdale's flag in the Equestria Death Games opening ceremony.

what if rainbow dash died in september