What is sewer usage

Explanation of Water & Sewer Charges

Recycled Water customers use recycled water for irrigation or other eligible uses and are charged a recycled water fixed charge based on meter size and recycled water usage charge based on the site-specific billing period water budget determined for each billing period in arrears. If monthly water usage is ever less than the sewer cap, the sewer usage charge is based on water usage, not the sewer cap.

For business customers, this is calculated using the same SDF as applied to sewer service charges. Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional customers are charged a water fixed charge based on meter size and a usage charge based on a uniform rate.

Residential customers who don't have a separate irrigation meter will not be charged more than the maximum sewer charge, which is based on 17.

what is sewer usage

For new or re-developed commercial or industrial properties the SDF will apply from when the property is connected to the sewerage system or from when the re-development of the property confirming the type of business use has been verified. Dedicated Irrigation customers have a meter used only for irrigation and are charged a water fixed charge based on meter size and a usage charge based on site-specific billing period water budgets determined for each billing period in arrears.

what is sewer usage

What is the process for having the SDF percentage reviewed? SFR sewer customers are charged the residential sewer fixed charge and a sewer usage charge based on calculated sewer usage as defined by the sewer cap see below.

Sewer Charges

This occurs during the months of November through March. A request for review with supporting evidence can be made in writing to the following: An EIC, which contributes to the cost of providing sewerage to established but unsewered areas in the Lower Hunter.

what is sewer usage

A sewer usage charge which is based on the volume of wastewater assessed to be discharge in to Hunter Water sewerage system. SFR customers that have water-only accounts accounts with no City-provided sewer service and use City water for both indoor and irrigation uses are assigned a water cap see below.

what is sewer usage

If you use more than 2 Ccf, you'll pay a volume charge. For residential customers who use non-City water part or all the time, the sewer cap is established on the average winter use of similar households with City-metered water. The midpoint allows for consistency with charging the apportioned usage for all customers who fall within the defined band.

How to Calculate Your Sewer Bill

A small number of large industrial customers may be required to have a dedicated meter installed to measure all wastewater discharge to the sewerage system. Minimum Bill Amount Rates effective Jan.

what is sewer usage

Non-residential customers that share a common meter e. Calculate your sewer bill: Skip to Main Content. Your sewer bill Your sewer bill is based on your water use, as most water ends up flowing into the sewer system.