What is the purpose of sarking felt

Roof Sarking

One technical advance made in recent times is the production of a roofing felt which allows some movement of water vapour through it. Final Say.

what is the purpose of sarking felt

Learn why comfort matters. The building paper also acts as a means of reducing draughts, which improved the effectiveness of the insulation. This article is reproduced from The Building Conservation Directory , 2001. Sign the petition. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Starting at the bottom, run the sarking felt along the roof, and align it so that the lower edge extends beyond the fascia, roughly to the middle of the gutter.

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what is the purpose of sarking felt

Sarking under metal roofs Recommended solutions Sarking under metal roofs can improve thermal performance in warmer climates. These give some well-defined guidance and measures which may conflict with the needs, requirements and performance of a historic building, particularly after the proposed revision of Part L of the Building Regulations is introduced. It is slightly different from flat roofing felt as it includes a strong woven base, but it can become brittle over time and can rot into the guttering where it has been exposed to sunlight.

what is the purpose of sarking felt

Jeremy Corbyn. Consequently, roofing works need to be specifically programmed where nesting birds are present so that any disturbance is minimised to reduce the risk of the birds deserting their nests or young. Although some of the materials were relatively new, they were already commonly used and readily available.

what is the purpose of sarking felt

Particular concerns include the production of water vapour due to:. It therefore has environmental advantages over many other conventional alternatives. These gadgets are now finding their way into the Building Regulations - the official, Government-sanctioned guidelines - because, it seems, the tile manufacturers, by setting up and financing performance tests, are now dictating the standards.

Before sarking felt came in, roofers had to work more carefully, stripping off and re-covering small sections at a time. But sarking felt is a relatively modern innovation.