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They have made a lot of obvious mistakes: The worst thing is: Samuel Haya?


Also I am gonna be in England when this would potentially be happening. They ran to the corner flag and did a kind of sexy dance. I wrote it intuitively and now I have no idea where to look up such a complicated sentence. Still, they deserve the victory. Cameroon participating in their second World Cup, made it to the quarter finals after beating Argentina in the opening game.

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He should have been fined 2 months without football. I mean, the way you speak is pretty much like english commentators do. Your podcast has been my main resource of english and has helped me a lot.

Which team do you think will win this year, and why? It could be worse…. As for Brazil, the fat lady has sung, sorry. Sorry Brazilians! There have been lots of surprises in this tournament. The match is known as the Miracle of Bern in Germany.

Which team is your favourite?

'Whatchamacallit' Board Game

Zelda too. The whole family jumped out of our seats screaming. Italy The top-scorer: Messi is packing for home,as well as Ronaldo. The way Belgium performed cool guys 4. Apparently UEFA are investigating the violence in the stadium, which appears to have been started by the Russian.

James Rodriguez from Colombia. The luck of the Irish? You can still read the script to my history of the World Cup as it is written below.