Who disability and rehabilitation action plan

Disabilities and Rehabilitation

It invites international and national partners to take note of the action plan and its objectives, and requests the WHO Secretariat to provide guidance, training and technical support, and submit reports on the progress achieved in implementing the action plan.

WHO Global disability action plan 2014-2021. Data and research 3 core environmental barriers to daily life for people with mental disorders and other NCDs are the lack of assistive products for mobility, and the availability of personal assistance Read more pdf, 321kb. It was developed in consultation with Member States, United Nations organizations and national and international partners, including organizations of people with disabilities.

Improving the lives of people with disability in Chile — the role of data.

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This information is being used to strengthen services for the people who need them. Partners are thanked for working with us and for sharing our vision of enabling people to live healthier, more productive lives. Health Topics.

who disability and rehabilitation action plan

Assistive technology WHO estimates that more than one billion people mostly older people and people with disability are in need of one or more assistive products such as low-vision devices, wheelchairs or hearing aids. You are here: Disability and rehabilitation. The World report on disability provides an extensive picture of the situation of people with disability, their needs and unmet needs, and the barriers they face to participating fully in their societies.

who disability and rehabilitation action plan

NVI Year in Review 2018. Rehabilitation 2030: There is a substantial and ever-increasing unmet need for rehabilitation worldwide, which is particularly profound in low- and middle-income countries.

who disability and rehabilitation action plan

You are here: The MDS has been implemented in several countries since 2017. This theme reflects a growing understanding that disability is part of the human condition.

Rehabilitation 2030: A Call for Action

Health Topics. Skip to main content. You are here: Bringing stakeholders together in the Rehabilitation 2030: Health Topics.

who disability and rehabilitation action plan

Click here to access the report. The day is also an opportunity for WHO to reflect on the progress made on the disability agenda throughout the year. Ten threats to global health in 2019. About Us.