Whole 30 asparagus recipes

Protein 2g.

whole 30 asparagus recipes

Organic asparagus shoots combine with celery, leek and red onion in this crazy colorful and super healthy veggie casserole. Blanched, bright asparagus mixes with sauteed mushrooms, green onions and toasted hazelnuts for a simple but elegant side dish.

whole 30 asparagus recipes

This one-skillet dinner uses coconut milk instead of butter and cream to achieve a rich, savory flavor. Tag thewholecook on Instagram and hashtag thewholecook!

19 Outstanding Asparagus Recipes (Not Your Average Asparagus)

Instructions Trim asparagus by holding the tip and bottom and bending the asparagus until it snaps. Asparagus, like brussels sprouts, is one of those vegetables I find is pretty polarizing.

I even made mine a few days ahead of time and just left it tightly wrapped in the tinfoil in the fridge. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus is the perfect side dish at dinnertime.

whole 30 asparagus recipes

If you like your asparagus a little more firm you'll take them out around the 7 minute mark. Calories 346 kcal.

whole 30 asparagus recipes

A pretty arrangement of asparagus, chicken, zucchini and mushrooms in a baking pan is a great way to honor spring any time of the year. Author Kelly.

Roasted Asparagus

Wrapping it up with a little nori gives it the feeling of sushi, and if you want it to be even fancier you can serve it with caviar. Meet Dana Start Here! Both work great. A little crunch can be a good thing.

whole 30 asparagus recipes

Craving some fresh Greek flavors? Comments At some point along the way I figured out there were two ways asparagus was being eaten: And I get pretty lazy when it comes to cooking in the summer too.