Battlestar galactica wikipedia episodes how i met

This time it's shown that he does it on purpose to stop Brother Cavil's plans. None Chronological: In the aftermath of Simon's suicide, there is concern that he might have been a Cylon. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The Plan ends with "Caprica Cavil" arriving aboard the Galactica, and unwittingly exposing himself and Brother Cavil as humanoid Cylons as depicted in scenes from the second season episode " Lay Down Your Burdens ".

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Battlestar Galactica (TV miniseries)

For more, see the article, Baltar as Cylon speculation. Moore Christopher Eric James.

battlestar galactica wikipedia episodes how i met

Navigation box end fr: Standard Definition High Definition. Mistakenly believing Cavil to be a human being, Sam and his friends take the "priest" with them back to their camp while Cavil is clearly shocked to see Anders. Brother Cavil is brought to the brig protesting that he is not a Cylon until he sees Caprica Cavil already in the brig, at which point he stops pretending.

battlestar galactica wikipedia episodes how i met

One day, the boy brings Cavil the gift of an apple, and Cavil asks him if they are friends. Helo and Starbuck join them and attack a local Cylon base. You can see the archive of the original page here.

battlestar galactica wikipedia episodes how i met

He demands that the Number Five he has been meeting with attempt to kill Commander Adama. Almost all of the planets of the Twelve Colonies are depicted in short scenes. That night, Cavil sneaks from the human camp to meet with a Number Six who informs him that the Cylons have agreed to end their attacks on the human race. Anders helps console his teammates in the mountainous region where they were training.

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Miniseries, Night 1

Meanwhile, Brother Cavil is bedeviled by the repeated appearance of a young boy named John Alex Ferris in his chapel. The boy just shrugs in response. Cavil tells them that he intends to continue his plan to utterly destroy the human race.

battlestar galactica wikipedia episodes how i met

Cavil, realizing that the Number Two known as Leoben Conoy has had his identity compromised as depicted in the events of the miniseries during the Galactica's re-arming trip to Ragnar Anchorage , demands that the Number Two turn himself over to the humans and attempt to deceive or kill them. Caprica Cavil announces that the Cylons have voted to give the humans "a reprieve" because they have decided that their attempts at genocide were an error.

They admit that this wasn't the reunion they had expected. ISBN 1-84576-0972 , p. Cavil plays dead and survives the attack unharmed.

battlestar galactica wikipedia episodes how i met