How cats always land on their feet

Most of the time, a cat will land on his feet when he falls.

how cats always land on their feet

It's as if cats possess invisible landing gear, and no matter their size, they can turn a tumble into a right-side up touchdown. Everyone's heard the saying 'cats always land on their feet', but is there any truth in it?

how cats always land on their feet

Some children are naturally curious and may be tempted to toss the cat from the second floor to see if cats really land on their feet. Cats have a unique skeletal structure consisting of no collarbone and an unusually flexible backbone with 30 vertebrae humans have 24.

Why do cats land on their feet?

A cat's ability to land on his feet isn't a trick taught by his mother or life experience, but is a gift of nature. Talk to them about the potential of hurting Kitty, particularly when the drop is fairly low, and let them watch a video online if they really want to see the process in action.

Their low body to weight ratio also helps cats to land on their feet as it manages to slow their velocity while falling. But is it true, or simply an urban myth? Live Chat. As its back arches, the cat positions its front feet under him with the front paws close to the face to protect it from impact.

how cats always land on their feet

Falling cats do sometimes suffer injuries, and not all cats survive falls, particularly older, less agile ones. More questions:. Quora Contributor. Keep reading to find out how they manage to do it and the amazing science behind it.

how cats always land on their feet

Clerk Maxwell about the same time, in cat-turning, a word invented to describe the way in which a cat manages to fall upon her feet if you hold her by the four feet and drop her, back downwards, close to the floor.

It is not something a real cat could do: Seen in slow motion, a falling cat begins to shift his balance from the second his flight begins.

how cats always land on their feet

Cats also have incredibly unique skeletal structures: Several remarkably influential papers over the course of the 20th century went progressively deeper into the phenomenon:. If you have some open windows in your high-rise apartment or upstairs in your house, be sure they are properly screened.

Protecting your cat from high-rise syndrome. What Cat Breed Are You? To keep your cat safe, learn how you can protect your feline friend form high-rise syndrome.

Scientifically, How Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet?

He then shows that the reachable states give him a gauge situation with the anholonomy being the overall rotation of the cat in physical space and then — apparently for fun — shows that the optimized solution for reaching any given orientation is equivalent to the equations of motion for a charged particle travelling on the projective plane under the influence of an axially symmetric magnetic field and metric. Cats are also gifted in other ways for landing on their feet.

Typically, felines that fall from greater heights, such as more than five floors, tend to suffer less severe injuries than those falling from just a couple stories. The cat's inner ear houses his vestibular system, which tells the cat's body where it is in relation to the ground, whether upside down, in motion, or walking around.