How to castrate goats by cutting

Kids should be castrated as young as possible to avoid disruptions in growth performance and other possible complications.

how to castrate goats by cutting

No other disinfectant or cleaning is needed because the procedure is bloodless. In last issue I spoke of the reasons for performing castration.

How to Castrate a Goat with an Elastrator Band

Purchase an elastrator from a farm and ranch supply store. Macmillan Publishing Company. They also tend to fight with each other during the breeding season.

how to castrate goats by cutting

Castration should take place at the youngest age possible since the stress of castration can adversely affect growth in older animals and the chances of complications increase. As stated in the article above, office supplies will not work.

how to castrate goats by cutting

Check for proper placement again. Still holding the testicles with your left hand, squeeze the tools handles, pushing scrotum through the open rubber ring, carefully place it where you want it to be, close slightly so that they don't escape again, and with left hands fingers help push down the rubber ring from the first two metal ring expanders and then remove it completely.

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how to castrate goats by cutting

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Castration options for goat kids

Because of the anaerobic environment that exists under the band, there is a risk of tetanus with this type of castration. Since this works like a baby's belly button, whatever is inside the band will shrivel and fall off. Some people do prefer surgical castration, though, and if you want to do it yourself, you should have a vet or an experienced breeder teach you.

In my experience, it is best to band goats at 6 weeks; this is about 2 weeks before they can impregnate a doe.

how to castrate goats by cutting

Events News Videos Shop. The testes are slick and difficult to hold onto, so grasp firmly. Once you can feel both testicles inside you can put the rubber ring on. Kids with a scrotal hernia should not be castrated by the cutting method. The following sources are cited for this article: The kid will experience some discomfort after castration but will soon forget about it.

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