How to change gas valve for stove

Contact your gas service provider for any regulations regarding turning off the main gas supply to your home.

How to Prep Gas Lines for Stoves

Follow this Question. Switch off all sources of fire and do not use or operate electrical appliances.

how to change gas valve for stove

This will lock the regulator to the valve To switch on the gas, turn the lever further clockwise to the 12 o'clock position To switch off the gas, turn the lever anti-clockwise back to the 9 o'clock position To disconnect the regulator from the valve, turn the lever anti-clockwise to the 6 o'clock position and remove the regulator. Share this article Rate This Article Did you find this useful or informative? Report It. Is the supply hose in good condition and tightly fitted?

Gas Stove Replacement : Gas Stove Piping

Is the cylinder in a properly ventilated area? Tighten the valve to the pipe, using an adjustable wrench. Twist one end of a flexible gas supply line on the union flare fitting.

If there are bubbles, remove gas regulator and bring the cylinder to an area with good ventilation.

Safety Tips

Clean the threads on your gas pipe, using a small wire brush. References 6 AJMadison: You would need to have the appliance installer if unit is not in place yet identify WHERE he wants the valve located, and how far out from the wall it can stick without interfering with the unit - though normally it is down near the floor and does not interfere with most unit installations - with flex tubing running from there up behind the appliance to the connection at the appliance.

how to change gas valve for stove

Attach another union flare fitting to the opposite end of the flexible line. Screw the fitting into the valve. DO NOT drop or drag the cylinder.

how to change gas valve for stove

Position your gas cooker higher than the gas cylinder. For any inquiries, feedbacks and service coverage.

Turn on the gas and quickly look for any bubbles around the connections. For ratings and reviews on companies in your area, search Angie's List. Privacy Policy.

how to change gas valve for stove