How to comb your hair like wolverine

For your pants, go for basic blue jeans.

How to Comb Your Hair Like Wolverine

Celeigh O'Neil has been writing professionally since 2008. To finish this style off, we would recommend blow drying it using a small round brush and push from left to right. Click here to watch it. Many costume stores sell Wolverine claws. Keep filling in both lines until you have a big, bushy look.

Pull the comb upward, through the center section, until the hair passes through the teeth of the comb. Cotton usually works best, as it gives the sort of lumberjack feel Wolverine is known for.

Get the Look – Hugh Jackman

Read more. You can book an appointment at our London barbers shops online. You can also purchase Wolverine boots from a costume store or online. Pick somewhat baggy, working class jeans. Then, get a variety of large, flashy buckles and wear them to look like Wolverine. The name was given to the haircut because the look of the hairstyle from behind is similar to the look of a duck from the same angle.

how to comb your hair like wolverine

You can make them yourself by using cardboard, or you can purchase them online or from your local costume shop.

Repeat until the mousse molds your hair into the desired shape. In a spin on a classic 1950s look, Wolverine's hair is slicked back on the sides with volume through the crown, and two tufts stand straight up on either side. Once done, you can use the round brush to flip a small band of fringe hair forward as shown in the movie posters, or to "twirl" the front of the hair to create a "C" curl over the forehead as seen in other places in the movie.

Hugh Jackman on how to grow hair like Wolverine

Related Articles. Choose the right shoes. Method 1. This will be used as a guide to then connect the remaining hair to this. How to Keep a Ponytail in All Day.

how to comb your hair like wolverine

You could wear this with Wolverine claws and hair. Invest in a long-sleeved yellow spandex suit that covers your full body. PMB Blog.

how to comb your hair like wolverine

References Esquire: Ensure the hair is cut neutrally and not left longer on any one side. Thanks for letting us know.