How to do a brunoise cutting

Chefs just like to call it brunoise because we love adjectives and nouns that make things seem more complex than they really are.

how to do a brunoise cutting

Then, cut even panels from the chunks. Simply take the batonnet that you just cut, and cross-cut it horizontally into equal sided cubes.

Mastering Matchstick Cuts Matchstick cuts are essentially rods or logs that are squared off.

How to Brunoise

Knife Skills. No matter what you batonnet, you always start with the same first step. A quick glance will tell you what you need and what you have space for.

The Julienne Cut And that's a julienne. Video Index: You definitely want nice, uniform cuts.

how to do a brunoise cutting

Make sure to keep your fingers safe. Step 9: See how that brunoise just snuck in there?

how to do a brunoise cutting

How to Julienne, Dice and More: And if you want a finer dice, go over the pile again in both directions. Skip to main content.

CKS 005| How to Dice, Julienne, Brunoise & Batonnet

Should You Try J. The first technique that we will discuss is the batonnet.

how to do a brunoise cutting

Flip through this guide to learn how to chop and dice like a pro, then watch our how-to video. All rights Reserved.

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how to do a brunoise cutting

They can be any length you need. Grab your chef's knife and cut the sides and panels. Here are two ways to clean it.