How to do water reflection photography

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How To Shoot Awesome Reflections in Water

This ensured that both the leaves on the surface of the water and the reflection of the trees remained sharp. Enter popular contests on Photocrowd. Be careful not to use too much of this tool as it can make your photos look grainy and over-edited. Off the beaten path Win great prizes from Topaz Labs.

A Brief Guide to Water Reflection Photography

This will make whatever subject you have reflected appear more surreal as well. Taking shots of calmer waters with reflections lets you show ideal symmetry in your images while taking shots of more turbulent waters gives the picture more character, as textures in the water come to the forefront. On the other hand, the second image takes a more abstract approach by including the ripples of the water.

Share this post Share on Facebook Tweet Mail it. A longer exposure allows for extra time for the water to move as the shutter is open.

how to do water reflection photography

Black and white winter images Win a pair of Vallerret Photography Gloves! The shadows and highlights tools are really helpful in making the reflection more clear and bright. You might want to consider investing in an iPhone case that you can attach a wrist strap to.

Timing is everything. Never mind what the main subject is!

7 Tips For Capturing Amazing Puddle Reflection Photos With Your iPhone

Not to mention, you can also give your audience more diversity to look at. Created by Michael McGibbon. This technique serves to lend the image a strong compositional balance and depth.

how to do water reflection photography

Water is an ideal reflective surface for photographers to experiment with. Even when the water is rough, using ultra-long exposures allows reflections to be rendered that were not visible to the naked eye Fig 8.

how to do water reflection photography

When you have ripples in the water, you get a shot at a different kind of beauty in reflection. Also, keep in mind that your camera lens on your iPhone is located at the top corner of your phone, so try playing around and flipping your iPhone upside-down to get the lens as close to the water as possible.

The special blue color of the sky at this time of day together with the light from the buildings produce dazzling photographs. The way the angle of the light hits is the final shooting consideration.

how to do water reflection photography

One helpful way to make the puddle reflection less dark is to bump up the shadows within the Tune Image tool.