How to draw a cartoon santa face

How to Draw a Cartoon Santa Claus

Olaf Omega Fortnite. Add two simple rectangles to finish off the top of his boots and you're done.

how to draw a cartoon santa face

Santa is known for having great facial hair, so now is the time to give that a little life as well. Start off with a pencil sketch.

How to Draw a Santa Head

Add a big circle that connects to each side of his mustache to finish off his beard. Zelda Zim Invader Zim Zombie. Give him a little lip line with a half-moon underneath.

For drawing your Santa head, tackle it in the following order: Alright - in the next step, we'll finish things off by drawing his beard, and then finishing the rest of his hat. You can see the basic shapes that make up the form of Santa's hand.

Incredible Mr. Give the bag dimension with one sweeping curve in the lower part of the bag. And same goes with the mustache -- change the look altogether if you like!

how to draw a cartoon santa face

Share Flipboard Email. Add more detail to Santa's face to complete his " Ho-Ho-Ho " appearance.

How To Draw Cartoon Santa Claus

Click here to return from Santa Head to Christmas Cartoons. Drawing the third rectangle inside of this one adds a little dimension.

Step 2: Draw two curved lines that connect the hat to the pom-pom. Copyright EasyDrawingTutorials. This is the soft, heavy pom-pom that hangs down.

how to draw a cartoon santa face

Use light, smooth strokes for sketching. To do this, as you can see above in example two... The face you see in the finished Santa head up top, is actually a bit of a 'standard' when it comes to Christmas-time art, crafts, decorations, etc.