How to draw ender wiggin actor

Well done bro, very very proud.

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You have to wonder if he can be trusted to shepherd this story to the big screen; after all, we saw what kind of scorn was heaped upon M. That evening on the movie boards for popular Internet forum Reddit, users realized that the poster by the name of "Stimpers" was, in fact, Butterfield himself.

how to draw ender wiggin actor

Edit page. I've never been happier and prouder to be a nerd. The anticipated big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card's award-winning science-fiction novel is on the horizon. It might do some serious publicity damage.

The Battle (Screening) Room: Will Ender's Game Succeed as a Movie?

Skip to main content. November 2013 will see the release of one of the more eagerly-anticipated science fiction pictures in years - the star-studded adaptation of Orson Scott Card's classic Ender's Game. While the German-born director...

how to draw ender wiggin actor

Butterfield's brother even jumped in to poke fun at his famous sibling, prompting fans to draw parallels between him and Peter Wiggin, Ender's brother. IMDb More. The Battle Screening Room: The Liar pre-production Adrian Healey.

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Teenage ‘Ender’s Game’ Star Chats Up Reddit

Editors' Picks for February. Redditor aculeus99 summed up what most were probably feeling: One of the most poignant and violent moments in the "Ender's Game" book occurs when several older boys, angry that Ender has just beaten them in the battle simulators, corner him in the showers and attempt to beat him up.

how to draw ender wiggin actor

His controversial views have already created a firestorm for DC Comics, who hired him to help pen a new Superman series. Start your free trial.