How to make a vinyl envelope clutch

Open up the bag to make the inside hole. Or buy the DIY kit here. Fold the corners over like an envelope, folding the sides in first, then the bottom, and then lastly the top flap.

Wardrobe Rehab Ebook. Style Interiors Creativity Living Travel. Decide where you want to put your stud beads to secure the envelope shape.

how to make a vinyl envelope clutch

Previous Uncategorized 7 Days in Pictures. I have put little coloured circles on the template to give you an idea of where the holes should go for the studs. You need: Get 62 pages of tips, tricks and advice for creating the perfect wardrobe.

how to make a vinyl envelope clutch

Use the hole puncher to make holes relative to the size of the screw in the stud bead. Once all the holes are done — close the bag to work out where to put the stud that will act as a latch. Daily Weekly. Mark with a pen and then use the hole punch to put a hole in the underside of the opening. Geneva Vanderzeil. Select your newsletter frequency below.

A little fashion before and after coming right at you. Let us know your thoughts! Mine was around 3mm thick — 5 round top studs with screws — A pen — Scissors — Multi hole punch — A ruler — An A1 piece of white paper or cardboard.

how to make a vinyl envelope clutch

Sign up to our newsletter to receive your free Wardrobe Rehab Workbook. I saw this pic over at pinterest a little while ago and knew I should try to make my over version. Living Make this last minute gift: Thread the stud bead through the single underneath layer, and then put another hole in the flap to be used to secure the opening by pushing the hole over the stud.

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DIY Transparent Clutch bag

Note that the image itself is indicative and not to scale. Click here for a bigger version. Draw the template onto your paper — following the measurements you see below. Tags Bags. For the lower holes, make the top hole first and then mark with a pen the inside hole.

how to make a vinyl envelope clutch