How to make post-it origami flower

how to make post-it origami flower

Featured Articles Flora Origami. Start with a 6 inch square piece of origami paper, and fold it into a water balloon base. See the recently made images for some ideas and examples.

How to Make Paper/post-It Flowers

Search this Site. The thicker it is, the slower it dries. Make a horizontal valley fold where indicated below. You turn the paper around and tuck them in the diamond shape you made in step 4.

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how to make post-it origami flower

Next fold the upper edges of the diamond into the centerline. Make a lot of the flowers and try putting them into a bouquet.

how to make post-it origami flower

Using a glue stick may be a good idea because it dries so quickly, but you can also use white liquid glue as shown here. You will now have crease marks on the piece, that will be used in the next step.

Fold the top corner down, then unfold. Glue the top of the folded flaps where indicated by the image.

how to make post-it origami flower

Easy Origami Twisty Rose Step 8: Make even bigger flowers by getting bigger paper. You may find that rubber cement or especially 'Krazy' glue dries more quickly but is harder to work with.

Origami Lily

Or use these Washi Origami Paper with raised patterns and subtle gold flecks. Begin pressing the pieces together. You should first ready all 5 pieces papers.