How to pierce your septum correctly positioned

The Vertical Tip Piercings 3. Using a curved barbell is recommended for this piercing.

Septum Piercing Question

Which Side Should Be Pierced? Traditional belly button rings are placed above the belly button, so that the decorative end hangs over top of the actual belly button cavity. This is a delicate piece of jewelry and onlookers will only see the top of this screw. With the clamp in place, put the needle through one side of the nose, and in one smooth and quick motion, push it through.

There are special septum forceps available that you can use to get your alignment right and guide your needle through the sweet spot as you pierce your client's septum.

Below is a detailed look at these.

Nose Piercing 101: Everything You Need To Know

You can always go for a cheaper piece of jewelry to lessen the price but get a new one when the wound completely heals. Once the jewelry is inserted, unscrew the needle, and attach a top ball that's larger in diameter than the bottom ball and a good deal wider than the barbell.

But that said, following these instructions vs. The safest way to get one is to get it professionally.

Septum Piercing: An Insider's Look At Finding Your Sweet Spot

If you are planning on getting your nose pierced, this article will pose as a valuable read for you. When it comes to tongue piercings , you'll need to examine the underside of your client's tongue to make sure they're a candidate for a tongue piercing. Next comes the marking, this is crucial to determine where exactly you want to place the piercing. If you weren't planning to stretch it, and you're happy with how it looks, you can leave it in. Breathable materials like gauze tacked down with paper tape or a single layer of loosely-applied cohesive wrap for surface bars placed where a wrap can be used, like on an arm, wrist or leg are ideal bandaging materials for surface piercings.

Follow the piercing needle with a seamless ring or other captive ring in the same gauge as the needle used to perform the piercing. You'll work together as a team to make sure that you are comfortable with the placement and height for your septum piercing.

This specific piercing may take longer than traditional locations because it requires quite a bit of maneuvering. You'll need a heavier gauge threaded needle and a straight barbell that's slightly longer than the width of the widest point of the penile head, so there's room for swelling without the jewelry cutting into the skin when the penis is erect.

You may want to use a curved piercing needle to make it easier to pierce and pull the jewelry through from inside the nostril, but feel free to work with whatever style needle you're most comfortable using. When performing Dahlia piercings , also called joker piercings, it's important to place them just far enough back that they won't be likely to migrate out, but without coming in contact with the small flaps of skin that protrude inside the mouth just behind the corners of one's lips.

If inserting a nose hoop, use a hollow piercing needle instead. The Nostrils 3. A nose piercing can be an elaborate affair, with healing times lasting months it is better to follow each aftercare instructions to the T.

You can choose from a small variety of L-shaped pins, nostril screws or nostril studs. However, they tend to have great sexual benefits, particularly for female partners in positions that allow the balls to stimulate a woman's G-spot.