How to start a cat generator

how to start a cat generator

A block heater will normally not cause the engine not to run. This lets the person fueling the tank know when he or she should stop filling.

Top Nine Reasons Generators Fail to Start

All that is needed is enough time to verify that the engine will start, that the air is cleared from the fuel system, and that the generator comes up to voltage and frequency. Low coolant temp alarms are mainly the result of faulty block heaters. High fuel level alarms may or may not clear themselves when the fuel level drops below the set point.

how to start a cat generator

If a breaker trips after the automatic transfer switch ATS , the generator will not start. After any service is performed on a unit, always double check the generator system yourself. When enough plate area has sulfated, the battery will not be able to provide enough current and will normally need to be replaced. If the block heater temperature gets excessively high, premature block heater failure or extreme engine damage may occur.

You may need to allow a generator to run for a few minutes at no load after startup so that the temperature comes up. Poorly maintained coolant will cause liner pitting and eventually severe engine damage. This usually occurs after testing or servicing of a generator.

how to start a cat generator

Load More. Although battery failure can result from open cells, this is not a common occurrence. There may be several things to check and reset after a fault shutdown; however, this should only be done once the cause of the alarm has been identified and corrected.

Mechanical gauges may also stick in a position until vibrations break them free. Cooling system maintenance will help prevent leaks.

how to start a cat generator

The ATS should have lights or a display showing the switch position and source availability. The status of the automatic transfer switch should be checked during a power outage. Given the fact that they run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they're going to fail periodically.

how to start a cat generator

Running out of fuel due to plugged fuel filters can be prevented by maintaining the fuel tanks and periodically checking them for water and contaminants. The color of the coolant varies by manufacturer and may look like red-dyed diesel fuel.

Normal walk-through inspections should include checking the cylinder head or engine thermostat housing for temperature and verifying that the engine or block heater hoses are warm. Here's a tip: With today's complex standby power systems, you must understand the basic settings of your systems, the methods and procedures involved in regular maintenance, and the protocol to deal with alarm conditions in the case of system failure.

Simulate a fault to see what it takes to get it running again in the event of an emergency. Battery failure is commonly the result of low electrolyte levels — battery plates exposed to air will immediately sulfate.

Block heaters relieve most of this scuffing by maintaining the cooling system temperature and keeping the cylinder liners expanded. Because many battery problems are caused by dirty and loose connections, maintenance is critical.