K and k interiors wholesale jewelry

k and k interiors wholesale jewelry

With customers increasingly ordering smaller amounts of product, Camp ships small orders the next day, with discounts on shipping. His venture started humbly, as a cart in the middle of the Sandusky Mall.

Camp is contemplating the launch of an international catalog, which would reach even more retailers. That team is now made up of 200 people.

K&K Interiors Interview with Mary Callesen

At that time, about 50 to 70 pieces of home decorations accounted for his inventory. A local business has become an international, multimillion-dollar company by focusing primarily on two things: He makes sure he gives back.

The company may very well need it.

He never looked back. The company sells to about 30,000 retailers, some of them overseas, and it also has a plant and office in China to facilitate overseas distribution.

k and k interiors wholesale jewelry

To this day, the company remains privately owned. These days, his business offers 16,000 to 18,000 items.

CEO has designs on expanding business

Camp has invested countless hours to make the business a success. Camp keeps tight control of his costs, but he also make sure his prices are set to work for customers.

k and k interiors wholesale jewelry

Camp has a certain style and quality he imbues in his product lines, and he has a great eye for design.