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Kung Fu Masters

Shifu restrains Kai by his weapons, telling him he won't let him destroy Oogway's memory. Add a caption!

kung fu panda wiki master chow

Though he wasn't seen doing so, he traveled to the city and convinced Masters Storming Ox and Croc to leave their cell and help Po and the Five fight against Lord Shen and his forces. He shared with Po that he had learned it through pain and suffering, which he said he endured from the events with Tai Lung and Oogway's selection of Po as the Dragon Warrior , calling it "the worse day of [his] life.

Kung Fu Panda: The Return of Tai Lung!

Though the Wuxi Finger Hold is said to be Shifu's signature move, he has never been seen fully using it, only having readied it once as a warning to Po. Shifu allowed Po to go with the Furious Five and protect the village. It became evident at this time, however, that Shifu felt relatively horrible about kicking Mr.

This jealousy carried on into the third film, where he was jealous of Po's mastery of chi, despite the fact that Shifu had attempted to master chi years before Po and had only managed to make a flower blossom, but he humbly asked Po to teach him, once again showing reverence at Po's abilities and switching their position of master and student.

Tai Lung, however, did not hesitate to shatter Shifu's hip. Though he could understand wanting to spend a holiday with his father, Shifu reminded Po that he still had his duties as the Dragon Warrior. Manny, Diego, and Sid embark upon another adventure after their continent is set adrift.

In alarm, Shifu sent a messenger goose by the name of Zeng to Commander Vachir , with a letter ordering double security in hopes of preventing the vision from coming true. However, Shifu only became more infuriated when his attempts failed as Po, being such a big fan of kung fu , showed only excitement during his tortuous training, even after Shifu literally kicked him out of the Jade Palace.

kung fu panda wiki master chow

It wasn't until he had expected to depart from his students one last time that he admitted he was proud of them all, including Tigress , who had especially sought to earn his approval. Each of them attained the rank of master and won many battles, but none of them could win the one thing they all wanted: Shifu succeeded in this training and learned an important lesson: He seems strict about upholding the rules, traditions, and honor of Shaolin kung fu , willing to denounce Shifu as the master of the Jade Palace , hearing no excuses for the events leading to it, as per the rules.

kung fu panda wiki master chow

After the master trailed off and closed his eyes, the panda pleaded with him not to die, only for Shifu to yell back that he wasn't dying, he was only at peace, and master and student shared a long meditative moment side by side, until Po interrupted, asking if Shifu wanted to get something to eat, which the red panda agreed to after a sigh. Chao was shocked and unsure about this, as the tournament was for the young people, but agreed at Po's insistance. The fight was evenly matched for a long time, until Tai Lung renewed his vicious attacks on the aging master, screaming accusations and taunts before demanding to be told of how proud Shifu was of him.

DreamWorks animation ranked. Shifu told her that he will wait for her, as long as it takes.

Kung Fu Masters

Contents [ show ]. Unable to go against Oogway's wishes directly, Shifu tried scaring Po off in the hope that Oogway would choose one of his students instead. Audible Download Audio Books. During an intense period of training, the two formed a bond of friendship and trust, and Shifu saw Po's mastery and humility in a final test of "keep away" using a dumpling as the prize.

Shifu was astounded to see that Po displayed an unintentional talent in kung fu while trying to rummage the place for more food, even making a perfect split while doing so.