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Rap 16 Toneladas B3: Afterclapp is from Florianopolis Brazil.

Unfortunately, these cleverly veiled jabs in Veloso and his contemporaries' bodies of work gained greater and greater exposure as the movement became more and more popular, leading to the arrest, imprisonment and forced exile of Veloso and many of his cohort. A truly unique and outstanding piece of music!

lapacho duo descargar whatsapp

Eumir Deodato add artist to watchlist Os Catedraticos 73. It's A Riot A3: The debut album is co-produced by our label head honcho Noema.

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The passionate DJ dedicated the past four years extensively researching Brazil's broader spectrum of musical styles and slowly started to introduce more and more African and indigenous elements in his DJ sets. The lyrics of 'Running,' seem to retrace the cyclical path of pop's familiar obsessions, addressing the unrequited, fickle, or feared lover, 'I feel you in my mind, all the time...

This ep, features Brazilian music from the North and South of Brazil. Outra add artist to watchlist Brazil Edits EP. Cantana - Kincaid Remix B1: Not a cm of precious vinyl wasted as we get another indispensable 4-tracker turning up Bayou Funk, 80's Spanish pop, a classic mid-80's UK hit that was bigger in Chicago's burgeoning House scene than it was in Soho , and winding up with a wonderfully sordid slab of early 90's Weatherall channeling psychedelia...

Poinciana Edit. Catchy vocals over a swinging groove is what we always like best on a Sunday, and Kermesse are nailing it with this tune. Under The Sycamore B1: Most of these tracks will be made available on vinyl for the very first time with a highlight certainly being Tahira's "A Toda Menina Baiana" remix vinyl-only of one of Brazil's absolute musical heroes, Gilberto Gil.

lapacho duo descargar whatsapp

Mark Hand. The subtext in all these songs, which the dictatorship would not immediately catch, were that these repressed but glaring contradictions, not the bountiful sunny paradise that the military regime was pushing, were the true national identity.

Belpaese add artist to watchlist Belpaese 03. Lange describes the album as the soundtrack of a person approaching you, slowly, for 40 minutes.

Cantana A2: This Is How You Smile invites listeners on a walk through the changing colors of early mornings and evenings, writing, recording, or hearing a friend, a figure emerges, and there you are. The original Camino Del Sol has been given back its spacious mini-LP quarters, recasting this short-lived combo's forwardthinking mile marker as a modern-day masterstroke.

lapacho duo descargar whatsapp

Long requested, now finally on wax! Global bass producer Maga Bo continuously explores the contours of Afro-Brazilian culture including many collaborations with some of the biggest talents in Brazil's vast musical landscape.