Muslim brothers in nigeria what is bta

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Nigeria: The Many Faces of Islam

We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. Disunity within the Muslim community worsened with the emergence increase in the activities of the Maitatsine, the Shia inclined Muslim Brothers and sundry groups. Curiously, in their decades of campaigns to end 'innovations' in Islam, members of the Izala sect have yet to revert to the use of camels, end open air preachings through outside broadcasting vans and dismantle loud speakers mounted on their mosques on account of the common knowledge that Prophet Muhammad did not have to do any of these in his time.

Publishers named above each report are responsible for their own content, which AllAfrica does not have the legal right to edit or correct. Muslim Brotherhood organization sits on an Islamic coordination council in that country.

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Organization Sits On Nigerian Islamic Council

Take, for instance, the Ahmadiyya. According to the report:.

muslim brothers in nigeria what is bta

Except for some exceptions, all the contending and constantly feuding groups basically subscribe to the five cardinal pillars of Islam arranged in their order of simplicity: In His bid to regulate societies and restrain individuals or groups from taking laws into their hands, God allows room for vengeance provided it is done according to rules He has laid down even though He admonishes people to forgive those who offend them.

However, in seeking revenge, especially in the case of murder, the main condition laid down is for the murderer to be sought and punished for his crime; none is permitted to visit the sins of a brother on any other member of his family as Islam forbids visiting the crimes of a father on his son.

Lagos Muslim pilgrims board begins payment for BTA

He openly insults me, he openly insults my religious and my respected religious leaders. Comments are closed. Others had been involved in dialogues and debates with Boko Haram members for some years and were well acquainted with the history, ideology activities and evolution of the group.

muslim brothers in nigeria what is bta

In essence, what this means is that a Muslim, say in Geidam, is forbidden to kill a non-Muslim resident in the community in the name of avenging the death of a Muslim brother in Warri. Since it was created fifty years ago, the JNI, which has the Sultan of Sokoto as its president general, has been working in collaboration with traditional rulers to propagate Islam, preach peaceful existence and promote inter and intra faith understanding.

My Account. Follow AllAfrica. But this cardinal principle is not possible, at least in modern times, without 'innovations': Disagreements over the dates to commence the Ramadaan have, over the years, been the underlying manifestation of a needless acrimony among the Nigerian Muslim community.

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Indeed, on his death bed, Prophet Muhammad appeared to have named his successor as leader of the Community when he appointed Abubakar to lead the Muslim faithfuls in prayer.

muslim brothers in nigeria what is bta

There is a widely held belief that it was the differences between the Tijjaniyya and Quadriyya that facilitated the emergence of the Izala. By gmbwatch on September 20, 2011 Daily.

muslim brothers in nigeria what is bta

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