Philippe deshoulieres haussmann glassware wholesale

Visitors can choose from two educational. We are dedicated to the tableware industry and we co-invest in this show with our tenants to make sure it is always current, dynamic, and fresh for show attendees.


Cha delivers ers a Japanese aesthetic in wood and porcelain; elain; Wan is a mix of glass and porcelain with h soft f retro design curves. Published on Oct 6, 2015. Mix it up Renowned for its contemporary, functional and fun ceramics, Hong Kong-based Loveramics introduces the new Weave Texture Bowls by award-winning tablewarew designer Simon Stevens. Intermezzo has a strong character, both with and without colour. We talk business growth, timeless design and visual merchandising with category experts both from cutlery-only brands and tableware companies How is business in the cutlery sector?

The decision to return this year was an integral part of their business strategy.

Philippe Deshoulieres Dinnerware

We always encourage and invite this segment to the shows so that they can meet factory executives, see trends and build their source libraries. Global growth But this once quintessentially British tradition is expanding its global reach. Parlon, represents verdant stems topped with leaves; touches of gold stand in for speckles of sunlight.

Now in its sixth year, the License This! Some 70 per cent of their cutlery business is retail, 30 per cent hospitality. What are the main elements of good design? Sophie Conran for Portmeirion. These double-walled 12-ounce porcelain travel mugs are decorated in a variety of exclusive Vera Wang designs — Stripe, Check, Plaid, Leopard, Blossom and Floral.

philippe deshoulieres haussmann glassware wholesale

Experts at manipulating colours, in this series, Iittala were able to create delicate, watercolour-like palettes that intermingle with each other so colours change when combined. They are very aware of trends and fashion — more than ever before — and buying accordingly. Let me explain... The Tea For One product has become popular too: In the heart of the store is a travertine block that illuminates the room, along with pink armchairs that evoke the emblematic pink flamingoes of 1950s Los Angeles.

Our selection process is mainly driven by innovation and contemporary design, though the Made in France concept is increasingly key too.

philippe deshoulieres haussmann glassware wholesale

Burleigh offers lots of teaware in timeless designs, from Asiatic Pheasant, a favourite since 1862, to the awardwinning Regal Peacock, favoured by royalty, and recently re-launched. As small items, they must be well presented or they will be missed. Keith Nye, managing director, Tradestock.

All the new patterns will be manufactured in the same exceptionally durable porcelain body, providing the opportunity to mix the colours in with the whites.

philippe deshoulieres haussmann glassware wholesale

If there was no 41 Madison, we would have to invent one. Any consumer or style trends you are seeing emerge? It is on promotion leading up to Christmas. The popularity of Afternoon Tea and the revival of home baking is driving up sales of teaware.