Place board whoa training

place board whoa training

Featured Articles Dog Commands. As the dog gradually spends more time on the board, you can begin stroking its back rewardingly while repeating "Whoa. All times are UTC-05: This transition step ensures that the dog will "Whoa" without the aid of a "Whoa" board. All times are UTC-05: Keep your dog still on a table. I repeat "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" while the dog stands on the table.

place board whoa training

As the dog learns to stand still, I will stroke its tail up, if it is a long-tailed pointing breed. For this, the dog's options need to be limited, so you need to create temporary walls around the back and the two long sides of the board, so the dog cannot back off or step of to the side.

If he doesn't, tell him "Whoa. Teach the pup to stay on the board initially for ten seconds and then progress to one minute and the two minutes, etc.

Set up easy bird scenting conditions. If I stop the dog on the board repeatedly, it will come to expect to stop whenever it is on the board. I was stopping him at 20yds on the ground before this pic.

place board whoa training

We have been using the whoa command in other situations, like when we want her to keep from running out the door. The dog will soon learn to resist being pulled off the board Begin Steadying Now that the dog understands to stay on the board, you can start to steady him.

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Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Once the dog is steady with the bird on the ground have the bird fly around in front of the dog. This is oversimplifying, they have several other steps.

place board whoa training

You are then ready to extend the use of the command into the birdfield. Whoa We have now taught the dog not to move off the "Whoa" board. The mistake that fellow made, was not teaching the dog OK. When the dog is stationary again, I once more press on the barrel. That's where I made my first mistake.

Using the New E-collar to Enforce "Whoa"

Seems like today, if it isn't complicated, it isn't supposed to work. When the command is given to fetch downed birds, the dog leaves its position and does his job. The reason for the board, instead of just doing it on the ground, is that the board establishes a clear boundary. It is just a very easy way for the dog too learn and succeed.

Let the dog stand on the board for awhile, then command heel and heel it off.