Tag face paint how to use

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How to activate face paints to get amazing results

If you do nothing, we'll assume that's OK. Some of our favorite TAG body paints include their pearl colors which are very opaque and deliver a strong shimmering effect that you might be looking for.

How Do I Apply Recommended: When cleaning split cakes, make sure that you wipe the surface off following the direction of the stripes. The manufacturer recommends that this product should not be applied to broken or sensitive skin. TAG recommends that you avoid contact with fabric, carpet, and upholstery.

Paraffin wax, petrolatum, glycerin, calcium carbonate, stearyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, acacia senegal gum, dextrin, water. Expect 50-150 full f... We recommend to use face painting sponges when applying a base coat.

You can use a soft sponge or cloth to aid in the removal process just make sure it is not abrasive. Their special effects products like the neon paints are perfect for black light events and can be used on many surfaces including clothing and prosthetic mask and appliances.

tag face paint how to use

It is better to have too little water than too much, as more water can be added. Previous Post.

TAG Body Art

Rub the applicator on top of the TAG face painting makeup until a creamy consistency is created. TAG regular and pearl body paints are made from FDA compliant ingredients so you can trust the safety of these products.

Always start with a clean dry face before face painting. Also, the manufactures assured us that although they are not manufactured in a Gluten Free Certified facility, the product contains no gluten.

tag face paint how to use

When using a sponge, apply face paint like shoe polish until you have color coverage and then pat the sponge with light even pressure on the face for a nice even coat. This consistency is perfect for blending and can also be used for stenciling.

Tag Body Art Face Paint

Added to your cart: Because for certain areas, paint types and techniques you will require different paint consistencies. If you have too much water on the cake keep rubbing the sponge or brush in order to work that water into the paint and get the right consistency.

Use within 18 months of opening the package.

tag face paint how to use

They are also free of gluten, nut based ingredients, parabens or perfume. TAG face and body art paints are a unique blend of bold colors and easy to apply pigments. TAG Neon Face paints come in vibrant colors and create intense glowing effects under black light. Pearl colors are slightly more transparent than regular colors, but mix and blend easily with all colors.