What did the rulers of mesopotamia document

Like many agriculturally-based people, most ancient Mesopotamians were farmers, perhaps 80 percent of them. Near the rivers themselves, the soil is extremely fertile.

what did the rulers of mesopotamia document

Hammurabi enthroned as king of Babylon by the god, Shamash The Louvre The king was held to be the earthly representative of the patron god of the city. They kept cattle, sheep and goats; they made beer and wine. Only through exercising the skills of literacy and numeracy could the large bodies of people be organized.

what did the rulers of mesopotamia document

Herod and the Temple Mount. While not of the nobility, military officers, scribes and merchants who owned their own trading company were in the upper class. Agriculture is only possible in the dry climate of Mesopotamia by means of irrigation.

Mesopotamia: Overview and Summary

For most of its history, Mesopotamian city-states each ruled its own area, ruled by a powerful king. It took 12 years to learn cuneiform writing. Most human figures from the early period have large, staring eyes, and, on men, long beards. In hot weather, people cooked, entertained and slept on their roofs. Men either wore a kilt-like skirt which reached to their ankles or a long robe. Prayers were offered before a meal, as ancient Mesopotamians were strongly religious and the gods were a major part of their lives.

Fish were also plentiful in the rivers and canals.


The Mesopotamians: The earliest certain link with Egypt is 664 B. Appeals could be made to the king. Sources and further reading on Ancient Mesopotamia Click here for more resources on Ancient Mesopotamia.

All warred among themselves and with others.

Mesopotamia, 8000–2000 B.C.

Early Mesopotamian writing The Schoyen Collection. By the time of the Assyrian Empire, Mesopotamia was trading exporting grains, cooking oil, pottery, leather goods, baskets, textiles and jewelry and importing Egyptian gold, Indian ivory and pearls, Anatolian silver, Arabian copper and Persian tin.

The Assyrian traders came with a caravan of donkeys loaded with fine textiles their womenfolk wove, and tin that originally came from farther east.

what did the rulers of mesopotamia document